Universal Forest Products’ strict policies and practices helps ensure that the lumber you purchase is responsibly harvested.

UFP promotes value engineering to add value and minimize waste

Our Practices

In Our Operations

Universal Forest Products’ business is built on our environmentally-driven “Whole Log Model,” which means that we strive to minimize waste by using all parts of every canted log. For instance, appearance grade would be used for interior and exterior applications like moulding and fencing (DIY/retail); stronger tensile grades would be used for engineered components (site-built construction and manufactured housing); standard grades would be used for trusses and framing lumber (manufactured housing and site-built construction); and lower grades, as well as downfall from other operations, would be used for crates, packaging and other components (industrial).

In addition, whenever possible Universal Forest Products utilizes value engineering that increases function and minimizes waste. For instance, our finger-joint, truss, wall panel, and industrial operations allow us to utilize small pieces of wood – which might otherwise ended up in landfills – to manufacture usable dimension lumber. We also promote and manufacture engineered products such as I-joists, trusses, finger-jointed studs, oriented strand board (OSB) and products made from this technology, as well as composite products.

Universal Forest Products also participates in community recycling programs and discourages vendors from using excessive, unnecessary packaging materials.

With Vendors

We are highly selective of our suppliers and demand they share our sense of environmental concern. As such, we review and monitor our vendors’ operations through regular dialogue, on-site visits, and independent certification of their operations and standards. We also encourage vendors to use third-party certification agencies that are dedicated to verifying environmentally sound business practices. Today, at least 95% of our panels and 85% of our lumber comes from vendors that are third-party certified, and that number continues to grow.

The companies of Universal Forest Products
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