Abaco Tropical Hardwood: Fire-Rated “Best in Class” for Building Projects

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  2 abaco tropical hardwood deck boards with smooth and ribbed surfaces

When large-scale residential or commercial building projects must meet the very strictest building code fire safety ratings, only wood that earns a Class A flame spread rating will do.

Abaco makes the cut.

What Makes Abaco a Superior, Class A-Rated Wood?

According to the ICC International Building Code’s gold standard for certification — the ASTM E84-12b Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials — Abaco can boast a Class A rating. These tests analyze wood and rate it in three classes—A, B or C—based on the allowable limits of flame spread and smoke development for each class. After rigorous testing by a third-party, off-site laboratory, Abaco has been certified Class A—best in class.

Why is Abaco the Right Choice for Your Next Building Project?

Class A fire-rated woods are hard to find. With so few choices, you can rest assured that Abaco tropical hardwood meets or exceeds international building code requirements for fire safety ratings. In areas of the country where city building codes are the strictest, such as Chicago, New York City and California, large-scale contractors and builders depend on distributors to supply Abaco for their rooftop applications and more. In cases where fire safety is a project owner’s or investor’s top priority, there’s not a more trusted brand than Class A-rated Abaco.


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