Dricon fire retardant treated wood is an effective and economical material for reducing the effects of fire.

Dricon Fire Retardant Wood

Dricon Fire Retardant Wood from Universal Forest Products

Dricon® fire retardant treated (FRT) wood reduces the effects of fire with innovative materials that impede flame spread and smoke development. Recognized as an alternative to other noncombustible materials, building code agencies have approved Dricon FRT wood for a wide range of applications. Since its introduction in 1981, Dricon has proven itself in countless structures of various types.

Uses for Dricon FRT wood include:

  • Interior, weather-protected, aboveground applications
  • Institutional buildings
  • Homes in and near forests and wildlands
  • Extra safety and increased fire escape time
  • Greater design latitude for architects, engineers and contractors
  • Removal of barriers associated with masonry and steel
  • A less-costly alternative to sprinklers or parapet walls.

Dricon Fire Retardant Wood wood provides all the environmental advantages as well as other advantages of wood. It’s backed by a 40-year roof system warranty that covers both materials and labor, a 40-year preservative warranty, and a truss manufacturers warranty. Plus, each batch of Dricon FR chemical is inspected and tested to ensure it is compliant to the specifications of Lonza Wood Protection and Underwriters Laboratories.

For more information on Dricon, visit www.Dricon.com.

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