Committed to quality, all UFP finger-jointed studs undergo stringent visual grade reviews and regular testing within our plant.

Finger-jointed Stud

Finger-jointed Studs from Universal Forest Products

Made by bonding shorter sections of lumber into longer pieces using structural adhesives, finger-jointed studs are just another way in which Universal makes the most of every piece of wood!

Using shorter segments reduces warping and adds strength. Made for vertical use only, these studs can be used interchangeably with unjointed studs.

Universal offers an extensive mix of finger-jointed studs made from SPF or SYP, in lengths from seven to twelve feet. The studs are available in any precision-end-trimmed length you need.

Tested and Approved

The grades and design values for these studs are based on the same rules as for unjointed lumber, but the wood in the joints actually meets stricter requirements: our structural finger joints must exhibit strength values more than twice the design value for the grade!

The studs must comply with visual grade rules and undergo regular testing within the plant, so the quality of Universal’s finger-jointed studs is assured. They are sampled and tested multiple times throughout production for bond strength and adhesive durability.

SBCCI, BOCA, ICBO, and CABO all accept the use of structurally finger-jointed lumber for building design in the U.S.

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