Universal Forest Products’ Pack’nRack is available in an array of sizes and configurations, and can accommodate nursery stock ranging from seedlings to mature plants.

PackN'Rack Nursery Racks

Pack'NRack Nursery Racks

From Universal comes the most resourceful agricultural packaging product known to growers: Pack'nRack® nursery racks. From wood shipping to store displays, the Pack'nRack makes it easy to carry, arrange, water, and display an array of plant parts and starts. The Pack'nRack is easy to assemble, and it’s both reusable and returnable.

Pack'nRack Sizes

The Pack'nRack is available in an array of sizes and configurations. The standard sizes are 48 x 40 x 84 and 48 x 40 x 72, but custom-sized racks are also available upon request. The Pack'nRack comes in a 3-4-5-6-7-8 shelf configuration fitting a recycled 48 x 40 pallet base and solid OSB or slatted wood shelves. No staples, nails or screws are required for assembly.

Pack'nRack Features

Pack'nRack nursery racks make it easy to display and transport nursery stock. Their custom-engineered, open shelving system allows products to be arranged or sold from any side. They can be assembled in less than two minutes and offer:

  • Fast, hassle-free loading and unloading
  • Exceptional quality and durability
  • Customer appeal, with views from all sides
  • Trouble-free disassembly
  • Reusability

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