Assembled with pressed-on steel plates, Universal Forest Products plated floor trusses are designed to exact specifications with a complete framing plan for truss layout.

Plated Floor Trusses

Plated Floor Trusses

Universal’s plated floor trusses are engineered floor trusses assembled with pressed-on steel plates that are capable of carrying heavy loads and spanning long distances. Designed to your exact specifications, they come with a complete framing plan for truss layout. They have a 3-1/2"-wide nailing surface with 2 x 4 chords, and their open-web design allows for easy installation of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical wiring.

Our plated floor trusses are designed according to current code requirements, including SBCCI, ICBO, BOCA, IRC, and IBC. For specific details, check with your local code officials.


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