Adding stairs to any deck is easy with Universal Forest Products pre-cut stair stringers. Just install—there’s no need to measure, mark, or cut.

Wood Deck Stair Stringers

Stair Stringers

Many do-it-yourself deck builders find stairs to be the most daunting part of any deck project, but Universal’s wood, pre-cut stair stringers let you add stairs to your deck in a snap. It’s easy to “notch and botch” stairs by cutting them improperly, so our stair stringers are pre-cut to save you time, money, and materials. You don’t have to measure, mark, or cut—we’ve already done it for you!

Our stair stringers are available with a 6-3/4” rise and a 10” run, and in 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step varieties. Pre-cut 2 x 12-48" step treads are also available in select regions for easy installation. Universal’s pre-cut stair stringers resist decay and weather, just like our other wood decking products. Build your deck to last with Universal’s solid wood stair stringers.

How to choose deck stair stringers:

Choose proper number of steps

  • Stringers have 6-3/4" rise, 10" run.
  • Stringers can be trimmed.

Develop a parts list

  • You will need enough stringers to match the joist spacing of the deck or landing; 16" on-center is recommended.
  • A concrete or pressure-treated base will be needed if stairs lead to the ground.


  • Attach stringer to deck or porch rim board with common joist hanger.
  • Toenail bottom of stringer to lower tier decks.
  • Step treads should be attached with 3" hot-dip galvanized screws.

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