Beauty that lasts—UFP wood lattice is pressure-treated to withstand the elements.

Wood Lattice

Wood Lattice Installation Tips

Installing wood lattice panels is easy when you have the right materials. To install your Lattice Basics products, you will need the following common tools:

  1. A power saw or fine-toothed handsaw
  2. A fine-toothed keyhole saw or power saber saw (if planning a curved or angled cut)
  3. A drill for pilot hole screws
  4. Hot-dip galvanized screws
  5. A small screwdriver
  6. Pliers
  7. A chalk line
  8. A tape measure
  9. A carpenter’s pencil
  10. Safety glasses

When installing lattice, make sure the lath on all panels runs in the same direction. Remove all staples in the cut line prior to trimming the panels. When framing, miter all of the corners at 45-degree angles.

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