Engineered Wood I-joists

Made to last for products built to impress

Built to the highest standards, Universal's engineered wood components such as trusses, i-joists, LVL, and finger-jointed studs incorporate only the best technology, know-how and materials so you can do the same.


Roof Trusses

When you build with Universal Forest Products trusses, you’re not only building smarter, you’re building better. You’re getting engineered wood trusses that, because of their longer spans or innovative plate designs, offer greater building opportunities as well as a higher strength-to-weight ratio. In addition to top-tier performance, you get eco-friendly credentials. Making any of Universal Forest Products trusses the ideal choice for any and all residential and commercial building projects.

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Floor Joists

Floor Joists and I-Joists

Stronger and straighter, Universal Forest Products’ I-joists are rigorously tested and undeniably proven. Our I-joists come in several brands, profiles and depths. They’re manufactured to exact specifications and constantly monitored by third-party inspection. 

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Laminated-Veneer Lumber LVL

Offering a number of advantages over sawn lumber, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) from Universal Forest Products is a cost-effective and efficient building product. Allowing for versatility when desired and when a quick install is required.

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Finger-jointed Studs

Finger-Jointed Stud

Fully tested and proven to perform, Universal Forest Products' finger-jointed studs are made from SPF or SYP and come in seven- to twelve-foot lengths. Available in any precision cut you need, warp-resistant finger-jointed studs can be used interchangeably with unjointed studs. It's just one more example of how Universal Forest Products makes the most of every piece of wood.

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Wall Panels

Wall Panel Manufacturing

When it comes to construction, sometimes faster is actually better. Especially when you’re talking about factory-built wall panels by Universal Forest Products. Made with precision laser technology, UFP ensures that each wall panel is constructed to exact specifications and meets the strictest quality standards. Once they arrive on site, the easy-to-understand labeling system makes installation fast, accurate, and hassle-free. Both labor- and cost-effective, Universal Forest Products wall panels are a welcomed addition to any job.

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