What sets us apart

UFP Haleyville is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wood products used in industrial packaging and the construction of manufactured homes. We have an in-house design team to meet the needs of our industrial customers, and also have engineering capabilities to design roof trusses that meet all of your requirements.

We have the capabilities and pricing to meet your needs, and the personalized service and flexibility you’d expect to pay more for!

  • People

    Contact UFP Haleyville when you want to hear, “Yes, we can do that for you!” Our dedicated and experienced sales, design and manufacturing staff are the best in the industry at what they do. You can count on them to provide hitch-free order processing, efficient production, and custom solutions.

    No problem is too complex for UFP Haleyville.

  • Capabilities

    UFP Haleyville has the machinery, inventory and know-how to solve your problems and provide what you need – and we are continually adding machining capabilities to better serve our customers.

    Our in-house design team can help you produce the specific industrial products you need. As an affiliate of Universal Forest Products, we also have access to the leading truss engineering talent in the nation.

  • Reputation

    UFP Haleyville has earned a reputation helping customers reduce costs and improve their businesses. We’ve invested in our buildings, machinery and people so that we can continue to provide the products and solutions our customers ask for. And we’ll continue to adapt as your business needs grow.

Local Company. Global Family.

UFP Haleyville is part of the Universal Forest Products family of companies, a multibillion-dollar business with approximately 100 affiliates throughout North America and Australia that supply wood, wood-composite and non-wood products to three markets: retail, construction and industrial. This gives us access to additional resources to serve you regardless of your project or location.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Universal Forest Products is rooted in Midwestern values of hard work, honesty, and a roll-up-your-sleeves determination. You can count on us as a reliable supplier and project team member that has helped grow the success of many of our customers over the years.

about ufp haleyville
about ufp haleyville
about ufp haleyville
Custom Wood Crate Assembly

Products Offered

Manufactured Housing Trusses

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manufactured housing trusses
Plant-212-Gordon-PA-CNC-Moulders-flooring-mfg-_45 UFPHaleyville-016

The Primary Player

UFP Haleyville knows the HUD Code. We’re an affiliate of Universal Forest Products, which has its own research and design center that stays up to date with federal building codes. We understand the requirements and take them very seriously, so you don’t have to worry. Whether exploring new product possibilities or increasing market potential with existing products, our experts make sure our trusses meet HUD Code standards.

Completely Customized

Give us your specifications and we’ll take care of the rest. Our knowledgeable engineers will transform your requirements into the most superior truss product available – customized to your needs.

Physically Tested & Evaluated

UFP Haleyville will always provide builders with dependable trusses for their HUD Code or modular homes – without fail. Over time, our experts have tested and evaluated over 10,000 trusses before sending them into the field. Our manufactured housing trusses will exceed your performance expectations.

Endless Design Possibilities

Looking for a specific design? We can search our own database – a collection boasting thousands of tested truss designs from over the years. Your request will be filled quicker and more efficiently than anyone else in the industry.

Innovative Truss Components

Patented products, such as the DHP®—Double Hinge Plate and SideStep® Plate, are designed to surpass shipping obstacles and provide a stronger connection between the kneewall and truss.

Industrial Packaging

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industrial packaging
UFPHaleyville-001 INLongCratesvertical

Whether you need us to supply a portion of your packaging needs or you need to redesign your entire packaging operations, UFP Haleyville can improve your shipping capabilities. We offer a variety of crates, boxes, containers and packaging supplies that can be tailored to your unique needs.

Our packaging products include everything you’ll need to ship your goods efficiently, quickly and safely:

  • Heat-treated (HT) wood pallets, crates, cartons, boxes and skids
  • Wood containers, dunnage and groove stock
  • Custom crating of customer products
  • ISPM-15 Certified heat-treated products
  • Cut-to-size panels
  • Bed frame rails and components

Engineered Components

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LVL Laminated Veneer Lumber

UFP Haleyville supplies laminated veneer lumber (LVL) that combines high-quality engineered lumber with Universal's superior service and support.

Laminated veneer lumber is the preferred choice for headers, beams, rim board and edge-forming material. LVL means quicker installation and set-up, and less labor. The smooth face provides a clean finish for a professional look.

LVL is stronger, straighter and more uniform than sawn lumber. Created using engineering technology to laminate several layers of lumber together, LVL is easy to handle and use without warping, twisting, bowing or shrinking.

Capabilities & Services

Machining & Finishing

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machining and finishing

UFP Haleyville has the automated machinery and full manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide range of custom and semi-custom finished goods and components with fast turnaround times. Our machining capabilities include:

  • Ripping
  • Trimming
  • Resawing
  • Dado and Holtec package saws

Design & Engineering

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design and engineering

Our experienced, in-house design specialists provide a consistent, proven process of managing your industrial projects. Our truss design services are provided with the assistance of our corporate engineering department in Grand Rapids, Mich.


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The companies of Universal Forest Products serve retailers, builders and other businesses, and don’t sell to the general public or allow for product pick-up at our operations.

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