We pledge to be a responsible steward of the environment

Our Commitment. Our Practices. Our Impact.

As the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of wood products, UFP Industries has a vested interest in nurturing a healthy environment in which trees can grow and thrive. Our future – as people and as a company – depends on it. Throughout our history, we’ve worked to protect and safeguard our natural resources as best as we can.

We distribute many types of materials, but sawdust is in our blood, and we’re proud of that – because wood is renewable, sustainable, recyclable, durable and biodegradable. It also typically requires less energy to work with than most other raw materials. Doesn’t get much better than that.

UFP Industries doesn’t harvest lumber. But we do buy a lot, and we have strict policies and practices to make sure that the lumber we buy is harvested responsibly. We review and monitor our vendors through regular dialogue, on-site visits, and independent certification of their operations and standards. We also encourage them to use third-party certification agencies that are dedicated to verifying environmentally sound business practices. Today, at least 95% of our panels and 85% of our lumber comes from vendors that are third-party certified, and that number continues to grow.

Many of our facilities have Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)® FSC-C004179 Chain of Custody Certification SCS-COC-001831. FSC has developed rigorous standards to ensure that forests are harvested responsibly. FSC products can be used to earn points in the NAHB’s Model Green Home Building and other state and local green building programs. We have this thing we call the “whole log theory,” and it’s central to our business. It means we minimize waste by striving to use every part of every log and all grades of lumber to manufacture our products.

UFP Industries is the leading treater of lumber in the U.S. That means we help extend the life of wood products by protecting them from decay and termite infestation using environmentally safe chemicals. In fact, the process we use to treat our ProWood® line of MCA-treated lumber is the first to receive Environmentally Preferable Product certification by Scientific Certification Systems.

Our facilities are environmentally protective, closed-loop systems that are operated and monitored by a staff of scientists as well as production and regulatory specialists. Fully committed to reducing our impact, we recycle the solution used to treat lumber and ensure that our treating plants have zero wastewater discharge.