Grow With UFP

Let's build success together.

Wondering what UFP is all about?

Here’s a glimpse into our company:

We’re successful. We’ve been around for more than 65 years, and we’ve been profitable every year since our founding.  What has driven that? Our people. We work hard, and we know how to set and beat records.

We’re competitive. Hard work is a virtue in our industry and it’s rewarded. Our line of work isn’t for the faint of heart—but you’ll get back what you put in and have fun doing it.

We’re family. We want to see you build your career, which, for us, means building relationships—with customers, coworkers, and vendors. We work hard to keep all those relationships strong. And that makes the UFP world a great place to be.

We work hard and smart. We learn and grow from each other, from experience, from trial and error, from success. We collaborate to maintain our competitive edge. And we do it all on a global scale.

Intrigued? Here's what it’s like to grow with UFP.

Quinton on Culture at UFP


“The culture at UFP Industries is one-of-akind. We have a work hard/play hard mentality and it’s apparent in everything we do. The people at this company have true grit and strive to be better day in and day out. I’ve never met a group of people who invest more time in helping each other learn and succeed. We work hard together and at the end of the day, we’re not just coworkers— we’re more like family. ”


Quinton Boles
12 years with UFP
Sales Trainee > Account Manager > Plant Manager

Danny on Collaboration at UFP

“When you think of a typical sales job, you may think, ‘Every man for himself.’ But at UFP, we utilize the strengths and knowledge of the entire company. I am constantly working with employees from different departments to generate fresh ideas, cut costs and deliver new products to our customers. Teamwork is a key factor to success in this sales role and essential in UFP Industries' collaborative culture.” 

Danny Hanlon 
7 years with UFP
Sales Trainee > Account Manager > Senior Account Manager

Alejandra on Growth at UFP


“Since day one, UFP Industries has empowered me to grow in ways I never imagined. Starting as a safety manager, I never anticipated moving into a sales role. With guidance and support from my leadership, I accepted this new challenge and have learned an entirely new side of the company. Not only are you encouraged to grow at UFP, you are given the tools and support necessary to succeed.” 


Alejandra Starner
4 years with UFP
Safety Manager > In-Store Sales Representative 

Jamie on Training at UFP

"The Production Management Trainee Program transformed me from college grad to manager. I quickly found out that with the knowledge and experience I gained in operations, I could excel in sales, so when Universal presented the opportunity to move into sales, I jumped on it. Now, as a sales manager, I pass on what I have learned. When you invest in your career at UFP Industries, you get back tenfold what you put into it.” 

Jamie Holder
14 years with UFP
Production Management Trainee> Production Supervisor > Production Manager > Account Manager > Senior Account Manager > Sales Manager