Custom Hard Cases

Protect expensive equipment on the go. UFP Chandler has the resources and design experience to develop a high-quality, functional solution for your business.

Transport. Protect. Organize.

When your workers need to take their gear out in the field, make sure valuable tools stay protected and organized for easy access.

We develop hard cases used by pros in a variety of walks, including cases that house electronics for field technicians, cases that organize literature and samples for salespeople, and cases used by workers in rough environments.

Collaborating with industry leader Gemstar Manufacturing, we’ll work with you to build a case that gets even the most delicate equipment to work, safely and securely.

With thousands of size and configuration options, plus custom tooling, our engineers will design a case that does exactly what you need. Serving Las Vegas, El Paso and southwestern United States.

Cases engineered to order – from the outside in:
  • High-density polyethylene molded to exact specs
  • Built to keep the enemy out – whether it’s water, fire, dust, chemicals, static electricity – even electromagnetic interference
  • Engineered to protect against drops, bangs and vibrations
  • Cut-to-spec foam to cradle each component
  • Many hardware, handle, wheel and caster options
  • Custom color matching, graphics so your company will stand out
  • Logos & graphics can also be added
Tips for designing a custom case:
  1. For best results, work with a partner who can meet you face-to-face, take the time to talk to you and thoroughly understand your product.
  2. Begin while your product is still in the design stage to get the best protection, function and value.
  3. Start with the critical requirements. Are items fragile? Must they be placed in a certain way inside the case? Does the case need to fit in a specific space, such as on a storage shelf inside a van? Do you want your case to be branded with corporate colors and logo?
  4. What kind of protection do your items need? Too little, and your valuable equipment can get damaged. Too much, and you’ve added unnecessary weight and cost.
  5. Think about who will be using the case, and where they will be using it. Will it need to be hauled through an airport? Lugged across rocky terrain? Exposed to weather? How often will contents be removed? Knowing the who-what-where will result in the most efficient design.
  6. Identify details. List out all pieces that need to be carried in addition to the equipment: power cords, cables, literature, batteries, etc. Including these details up front ensures that your custom case will have a space for them.
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