Lumber products - and much more

For retail, industrial and construction

Outdoor Living

Our products add value to your home and create beautiful spaces – like a deck or a garden. Make your yard the envy of the neighborhood with a pergola and picnic table, landscape rocks, and more.

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Home & Décor

Discover inspiration for crafting your own handmade specialties, find DIY necessities or explore stylish, ready-made accents for home decorating. Whether indoors or out — in the home, garden or office — make our ideas for practical organization and creative accessories your own.

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Construction Materials

What you build is as good as the materials you use. So, ensuring you’ve got the absolute best quality isn’t just a detail; it’s the cornerstone of any project. Our affiliates around the world make sourcing quality materials for construction a fast, reliable, one-stop shop.  

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Packaging & Protection

Whether you need a simple deck pallet, custom crate or intricate skid to transport your cargo, the affiliated companies of Universal can help you safeguard your products and ultimately, your profits. They supply a wide range of shipping solutions to meet every customer’s needs from coast-to-coast.

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OEM Components

From automotive to aerospace, sheds, beds and more, our companies supply high quality OEM components across a wide range of industries. They are focused on saving customers time and money, and are known for their design expertise, allowing them to meet quality standards and eliminate safety concerns along the way.

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