What you build is as good as the materials you use.

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What you build is as good as the materials you use. So, ensuring you’ve got the absolute best quality isn’t just a detail, it’s the cornerstone of any project. At Universal Forest Products, we take our role as the leading supplier of building materials and components seriously. That’s why we ensure that all the building products we offer— lumber, engineered wood and siding, pattern and trim— adhere to the absolute highest standards in the industry: yours.

Concrete Forming

UFP Concrete Forming Solutions and pre-assembly services offer customized materials throughout the U.S. with a range of wood-based concrete forming products. Our in-house design and engineering teams review plans and formwork with your team to help control costs on your current job and estimate the most cost-efficient lumber spend for your next project.

Engineered Components

When you build with Universal Forest Products engineered components, you’re not only building smarter, you’re building better. Manufactured to the highest standards, Universal's engineered wood components such as trusses, I-joists, LVL, and finger-jointed studs incorporate only the best technology, know-how and materials.

Lumber and Panels

Our affiliates combine to create the nation's leading manufacturer and distributor of wood products. We work hard to ensure that only responsibly harvested, superior grades make it into our products. That’s how we can promise that when you buy pressure-treated wood, softwood, hardwood, finger-jointed studs, plywood or furring strips from a Universal company, you’re getting the best Mother Nature can produce and we can find.

Pattern, Trim and Siding

No home is truly finished without the best siding, pattern, and trim—and that’s what Universal delivers. Available in composite and solid wood, UFP offers several styles and profiles for exterior siding as well as interior moulding and shiplap.

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