Industrial Packaging

High-volume or custom specialty orders—UFP White Bear Lake can help you streamline your packaging process and get your products shipped safely.

One-stop Packaging Solution

Simplifying your shipping process can get your products on the market faster. Do you get packaging materials from one company, use a different company for crating services, and yet another for shipping? Don’t waste time with piecemeal sourcing—create efficiency by letting us take care of all your packaging and shipping needs, from pallets to protection to logistics. We’re focused on solutions that streamline your ordering process and provide superior protection for your goods.

If your product needs specially designed pallets or containers, we can handle that too. Our experts will design cost-effective, customized pieces for both shipping and storage, meeting your exact loading requirements.

Industrial Packaging Products
  • 2-way & 4-way wood pallets & skids
  • Wood containers, crates & boxes
  • Custom crating & pallets
  • Groove stock
  • Strapping products & systems
  • Stretch film
  • Corrugated paper products
  • Cushioning—bubble wrap, foam, dunnage
  • Corrosion inhibitors
Industrial Packaging Services
  • Custom design
  • Custom angle cutting
  • Private label packaging
  • Logistics

Wood packaging for export.

We’re your source for packaging approved for international shipping. Our facilities are fully certified by Timber Products Inspection, Inc., meeting all ISPM 15 requirements for phytosanitary treatment of new or used wood-packaging materials.

ISPM-15 certified heat-treated wood packaging products
  • Lumber
  • Pallets
  • Containers

How to choose the right pallet.

Wood pallets and skids support your products during shipping, loading and storage. Choosing the right pallet is important for both containing costs and protecting your goods. UFP White Bear Lake’s packaging experts can help you choose the best pallet for your needs—or custom-build to your exact specs.

Pallet Categories
  • Single use: used for one trip, so cost is an essential factor
  • Reusable: built to withstand multiple shipments
  • Special purpose: designed for specific products
  • General purpose: designed to handle a variety of loads
Pallet Styles
  • Single face: have a single deck.
  • Double face: have top and bottom decks.
  • Reversible: double-faced pallets whose top and bottom sides are the same, so goods can be stacked on either top or bottom.
  • Non-reversible: double-faced pallets whose top and bottom decks have differently sized openings, so goods can only be stacked on the top.

Choosing pallet wood

Pallet cost and quality varies with the type of wood used. We source both hardwood and softwood species and will help your select the wood that best suits your requirements and budget. Here are a few important factors to consider when choosing wood for a pallet:

  • Intended use—storage, intra-plant movement or shipment
  • Expected wear and tear
  • Expected impact on pallets during loading
  • Static load weight
  • Type of handling equipment to be used on pallets
  • Torsional strength required
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