UFP-Edge Pattern stock

UFP-Edge made sure to set the bar high by selecting the highest-grade lumber available to make our pattern stock.

Giving customers an edge with premium profile products.

UFP-Edge pattern stock lets you to create stunning accent walls, ceilings or other DIY projects that will remain gorgeous for years.

We do this by starting with the highest-grade lumber. We make sure each piece is free of wane and has minimal natural blemishes. We also make sure to shape and mould it using equipment and processes that protect the integrity of the wood. We want you to enjoy a product with an impeccable appearance that is dimensionally stable and ready for long-term performance.

  • All patterns manufactured according to industry standards
  • Lumber with small, tight knots and beautiful grain for a premium appearance
  • Ideal for accent walls, ceilings and other do-it-yourself projects
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Board can be left unfinished, primed and painted, or stained
  • Select fascia and trim are available pre-primed

UFP-Edge Rustic Collection

In addition to premium profile products we carry gorgeous home accent and DIY project products that will be sure to help you achieve your dream home look. Our UFP-Edge Rustic Collection is new lumber that has been distressed to give a rough sawn textured appearance. Each board is primed and painted giving it the authentic look and texture of vintage rustic wood. The Rustic Collection is available in both shiplap siding and trim boards. Both options are ideal for creating accent walls, focal points and creative wood craft projects.

UFP-Edge Charred Wood

UFP-Edge Charred Wood which is made from well-crafted with lumber that has been carefully burnt to highlight the woods natural beauty. The contrast of its dark-charred top-surface and distinct spruce woodgrain distinguishes it from any other. Each board is sealed satin clear coat to preserve and protect its outer surface. Charred wood is available in both shiplap siding, trim and boards.

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