USA Adventure Gear Case Study

USA Adventure Gear: Can case costs be managed so that a new product can go to market?

The backstory

For many people, camping is fun, except for the lugging-heavy-water-jugs-to-the-RV part. That’s how USA Adventure Gear CEO Jerry Krenning felt, until he came up with a solution to ease that onerous chore. During a hike in the Grand Tetons, he conceived the idea for a portable water container on wheels and worked with a design team to develop it. The product was a success, and, in 2014, Krenning founded USA Adventure Gear in Denver, Colorado.

The company is committed to providing innovative products that help outdoor enthusiasts enjoy their adventures. Maintaining the quality and integrity of their products and services is another commitment.

When USA Adventure Gear’s team designed a portable water pump, they knew they had another winner. But the company had to solve a couple problems before bringing it to market. And that’s where UFP Windsor came in.

The need: a cost-effective design and uncompromised quality

The new portable pump promised to be a hit with campers, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts—anyone who had to pump water in or out of tanks, hot tubs, even basements. There was no question the product needed a highly functional case because portability was a key feature. The case would house an operable 12-volt water pump, hoses and accessories. It would need multiple holes for hoses and fittings.

The problem was that such a case would be expensive to make, raising its selling price too much. We needed to be able to produce the case at an economically feasible cost with the same high quality standards that USA Adventure Gear has always maintained. Furthermore, the company sources parts and labor in the U.S. whenever possible, and wanted to keep production in the states.

Critical requirements:
  • Lower costs for producing complex design
  • Maintain quality standards
  • Include holes for hoses and couplings
  • Incorporate 12-volt electric socket
  • Produce in U.S.

The solution: a precisely designed case that does the job and meets budget

Our engineers determined that to significantly reduce costs, we had to streamline the manufacturing process. This meant running prototypes through production scenarios to see where we could maximize efficiencies. This impacted even small details such as hole placement.

The precise design required inline CNC routing and injection molding capabilities, which we had. These abilities combined with the final design allowed us to produce the case at a cost well within budget—in the U.S.

The result? A rugged case that snugly grips a working water pump, includes brass fittings and organizes hoses, connections, battery clips and cables. Because users would be taking the cases in and out of vehicles and storage, we kept the weight light and added handles.

We produced customized cases for two USA Adventure Gear water pump models—the Yukon XL, which moves 5 gallons per minute, and the Glacier XL, which moves 3 gpm. Users operate the pump without removing it from the carrying case, making it a convenient solution.

Case closed

Thanks to smart, careful design and planning, we were able to reduce production costs enough to make USA Adventure Gear’s new product a reality—meeting the company’s high quality standards. The Yukon XL and Glacier XL pumps make the process of moving water from one container to another significantly easier—an innovative solution that outdoor enthusiasts love.


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