Pupil Case Study

Pupil Inc.: Can a case help a new start-up be true to its vision?

A look back

Pupil Inc. is a start-up that launched in the spring of 2016. The innovative Colorado-based company wants to improve the eyewear-shopping experience by providing a service that performs eye exams and fits glasses in customers’ homes or workplaces.

The need: standout spectacle storage

Quite simply, Pupil needed an eyeglass case. But not just your typical junk-drawer-lurking giveaway. They wanted a memorable solution that would stand out from the competition.

Critical requirements

  • Hold customer’s eyewear and accessories
  • Keep Pupil name visible

The solution: a clear, brand-focused case that people like using

This was a marketing problem—after all, Pupil could easily purchase eyeglass cases by the boatload. But boatloads of generic cases are about as exciting as sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, the opposite of Pupil.

Recognizing that the company makes the eyewear-purchasing experience personal and special, we understood that our solution needed to reflect that.

The result? An unfinished wood box with a sliding top. It looks like a child’s treasure box—something most, if not all, Pupil customers will relate to. The stamped logo on the lid clearly identifies the brand, while the phrases “Fresh look & fond memories” and “Born in Colorado” echo the treasure-box theme.

The box holds eyeglasses, a soft case and lens-cleaning cloth. It’s a great-looking storage piece that customers won’t want to throw away or hide in a drawer. The handcrafted appearance is exactly what Pupil wanted and reflects the time and care that go into fitting and producing their spectacles.

Case closed

Pupil blends modern devices and technology with old-fashioned personal service to create a distinctive business. They needed a case that would extend their branding and please customers. The standout wooden box meets both goals: It’s an attractive, functional case that customers appreciate, and it subtly keeps the Pupil brand in view and top of mind.


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