What sets us apart

UFP Franklinton is the region’s industrial packaging expert. We are a leading manufacturer of wooden boxes for the moving and storage and freight forwarding industries. We specialize in storage vaults, liftvans, motorcycle crates and industrial crates. We also produce custom design packaging and industrial crating for commercial and military specifications. Whether you are packing a high-end electronic mainframe or a wing for a 747, we have the tools and experience to handle the job. 

When you contact UFP Franklinton, you’ll receive the attention of our sales and in-house design staff, who will go through an extensive process to help you determine the best packaging solution. We also can work with your in-house engineers to build a container to your particular specifications.

If you require specific packaging products using lumber, plywood, polyurethane foam, skid mates or tie down straps, contact UFP Franklinton – we can help you.

  • People

    The people of UFP Franklinton (formerly known as Container Systems) have a long history in the moving and storage industry. Don’t expect to hear “no” from us when making request. We can provide solutions to your everyday problems, as well as for those that come out of the blue.

  • Reach

    Although we operate and serve our customers with the attention of a small, hometown shop, UFP Franklinton has global reach.

  • Reputation

    For 40 years, we have built our reputation for providing customers with outstanding service, quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. And we take pride in knowing our solutions are helping our customers grow their business.

Local Company. Global Family.

UFP Franklinton is part of the Universal Forest Products family of companies, a multibillion-dollar business with approximately 100 affiliates throughout North America and Australia that supply wood and non-wood products to three robust markets: retail, construction and industrial. This extensive family gives us access to additional resources to serve you regardless of your project or location.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the culture of Universal Forest Products is rooted in Midwestern values of hard work, honesty and roll-up-your-sleeves determination. And we emulate those values. You can count on us as a reliable supplier and project team member that has helped to build the success of our customers.

UFP Franklinton sign
UFP Employees machining
UFP employee handling dimensional lumber
UFP employee assembling wood crate
UFP Franklinton employee

Products Offered

Moving & Storage

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Large wood motorcycle crate for shipping
Type2LiftVan_Open Storage-Vault

If your business is moving, storage or freight forwarding, UFP Franklinton can supply all your needs. Among our wide range of product offerings is our Motorcycle Moving System. This system is perfect whether you are moving across the state or across the world. Our standard motorcycle container fits most manufactured motorcycles, but if you have a custom motorcycle with longer forks and a fatter rear tire, we can custom-manufacture the perfect motorcycle box for you. Our products include:

  • SDDC Type II liftvans
  • Heat treated liftvans
  • Overflow liftvans
  • Overflow containers
  • Shipping containers
  • Shipping crates
  • SDDC crates
  • ISPM 15 crates
  • Storage vaults/HHG storage containers
  • Sofa storage
  • IATA containers
  • Machine carts
  • Book carts
  • Motorcycle crates and boxes
  • Flat–panel moving system

Snap-Tight Containers

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Snap-Tight wood container with clips

The revolutionary design of our Snap-Tight Container allows for a reusable, more stackable and fastener-free container. The container’s strong plywood and Snap-Tight clips provide more strength than standard nailed crates. It requires no nails, screws or tools. And because the clip crate is fully reusable, you can reduce your dunnage. ISPM-Certified heat-treated, it can be used both domestically and internationally. The Snap-Tight Container is a perfect solution for shipping aerospace, automotive and high-tech products – or anything in between.

Snap-Tight Promo Video
Snap-Tight Assembly Video

Snap-Tight Clips

Snap–Tight clips are the easiest way to assemble containers. The clips are designed to snap into routed grooves and hold stronger than nails. We use a high-velocity CNC machine in the manufacturing process to create precise tolerances on every container. The clips are made of high-quality spring steel. Snap-Tight clips can save you hours in crating labor.

Collapsible Container

The Snap-Tight Container is fully collapsible onto the base and the clips attach to the side so it is all contained as one unit. The container will take up to 80 percent less space than standard crates, freeing space in your warehouse for more revenue-producing inventory.

High-Tech Snap-Tight Feature

The Snap-Tight Container can be customized and engineered to safely move your sensitive components anywhere in the world. We use our CNC machine to precisely bore mounting points for t-nuts to bolt your product to the base, per your requirements. We also can customize your base to include foam cushion runners.

Snap-Tight Container Options

  • Side panel ramps
  • Doors w/hinges
  • Eye bolt tie downs
  • T-nut bolt thru mounting points
  • Floating floors
  • Mil-spec packaging
  • Foam cushion runners

Custom Hard Cases

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3 Gemstar custom hard cases, black, gray, yellow, holding components
case-with-custom-foam-insert case-with-literature-pocket case-with-portable-teleclinic custom-case-with-integrated-molding green-hard-case-holding-electronics hard-case-custom-foam-inserts hard-case-holding-electronics mounting-flange-inside-hard-case red-foam-insert-for-case

Protect expensive equipment on the go

Pilot Custom Cases safeguard valuable gear your employees need to take out in the field.  A custom case will protect tools and keep them organized for easy access, so work is more efficient.

Collaborating with industry leaders GEMSTAR Custom Hard Cases and Flambeau®, we’ll work with you to build a case that gets even the most sensitive equipment to work - safely and securely.

Our engineers have thousands of size and configuration options plus custom tooling capability to design a case that will perform exactly the way you need.  

Cases engineered to order – from the outside in: 

  • High-density polyethylene molded to exact specs
  • Built to keep the enemy out – whether it’s water, fire, dust, chemicals, static electricity – even electromagnetic interference
  • Engineered to protect against drops, bangs and vibrations
  • Cut-to-spec foam to cradle each component
  • Many hardware, handle, wheel and caster options
  • Custom color matching, graphics so your company will stand out
  • Logos & graphics can also be added

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Industrial Packaging

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Large wood crate with strapping
INLongCratesvertical FoamCorners HeavyDutyPallet

UFP Franklinton is a one-stop shop for all of your industrial packaging needs. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we can produce any specialty pallet you need: a simple solid deck pallet or an intricate solid deck pallet with foam/shock mounting to protect your equipment during the warehouse and transportation process.

We also can custom-manufacture an industrial crate for any type of product, ranging from a piece of fine artwork to car motor to a data storage unit, for domestic or international shipping. We offer permanent assembled products or our Snap Tight System for quick assembly and reusable applications. All containers meet ISPM–15 standards.

  • Tradeshow crates
  • Industrial crates
  • Custom pallets
  • Heavy-duty skids
  • Skid mates
  • Foam cushioning
  • Foam cushion runners
  • Water and vapor-proof barrier material
  • Mil–spec packaging
  • Reusable crates
  • Side panel ramps
  • Doors with hinges
  • Eye bolt tie downs
  • T-nut bolt thru mounting points
  • Floating floors

Concrete Forming

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concrete forming
CF_SEATAC_Pier-Seattle-Tacoma-WA-24 Stadium-3

UFP Franklinton is the go-to resource for custom-designed, high-quality wood formwork used in concrete construction. We supply complete solutions that perform beyond expectations and address the spectrum of needs, using our advanced, in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. We’re a Universal Forest Products company and part of UFP Concrete Forming Systems, which is the preferred supplier to the nation’s top contractors of roads and bridges, concrete structures, water projects and precast concrete. That means UFP Franklinton is able to supply a wide range of wood-based concrete forming products to job sites in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Capabilities & Services

Machining & Finishing

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Stacks of pressure treated wood

UFP Franklinton offers much more than your typical wood products supplier. In fact, our automated machinery gives us the tools to be your single source for any component. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce custom and semi-custom finished goods, components and cut-to-size panels with fast turnaround times. From high volume parts to one-off production, we can handle it all.

  • CNC routing
  • Drilling/boring
  • Assembly to meet your needs
  • Cut-to-size panels

Design & Engineering

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UFP Franklinton employee checking inventory of lumber in yard

Our in-house team of design specialists provide consistent, proven processes of managing your project, including plan review, 3-D modeling, reviewing formwork with your team, and delivery of the product to your job site.


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