About Urbis
Welcome to Urbis, the city that Universal Forest Products helped build. Universal touches on everything here, from the trusses in our neighborhoods to the concrete walls of our stadium.


Innovative Products Allow For Remarkable Homes

From the simplest piece of lumber to the most advanced floor truss system on the market to countless other innovative products we proudly call our own, you can be sure that the companies of Universal Forest Products will make it possible for you to turn something typical into something truly extraordinary. Whether your needs are constructing single-family or multifamily homes, site- or factory-built, commercial or residential, you can rely on us and our products.

Commercial Construction & Concrete Forming

Building materials that help build North America

At Universal Forest Products, we realize that if we don’t do our job, you can’t do yours. Whether providing truckloads of lumber or supplying every part of your concrete forming product needs, Universal makes it easy to get the hardwearing, consistent materials you need for the countless jobs you do.


Dedicated to Helping You and Your Products Succeed

Part of our success lies in our ability to help our customers get their products safely to market. Another part is engineering and manufacturing components for many of those products. By offering cost-effective and customizable packaging and materials options, we make it easier for our customers to protect their products—and their bottom line. By acting as a dependable materials provider and component manufacturer as needed, when needed, we continue to be the go-to supplier for dozens of leading manufacturers.

Manufactured Housing & RV

Reliability and Knowledge You Can Depend On

For six decades, Universal has been a top-shelf supplier to industry leaders in the manufactured housing and RV business. Our in-depth industry knowledge, reliable products and commitment to service continues to help build the success of our customers.


Improving Your Home with Better Products

Home Improvement
Adaptability and reliability. The very things that make the companies of Universal Forest Products better make our products better. Whether you’re looking to build a new home, remodel an existing home, or simply add to your home’s outdoor enjoyment, you will find our brands and products in retail home centers and local lumberyards.


With approximately 80 facilities located across North America, Universal Forest Products is not only able to keep you connected to the materials you need, but also ensure that our 5,000 employees are able to provide you with the absolute best service. Building North America, building relationships. That’s Universal Forest Products.