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The Nation's leading manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood-alternative products—and much more

Exceptional quality. Undeniable service. Superior performance. These traits aren’t only inherent in the Universal Forest Products brand, they're found in virtually every one of the products we sell. Which is why, whether you’re a DIYer or a professional contractor, you’ll soon discover that Universal Forest Products doesn’t carry just “products.” We carry an expansive range of materials crucial to the successful completion of your home improvement and building projects.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living
How do you define outdoor living? For some, it's a lifestyle. For others, it’s the literal extension of their home’s interior. For all, outdoor living means creating a space that reflects personal style, as well as a welcoming environment for friends and family. Whether the need is for a low-maintenance privacy fence or a high-impact deck, Universal Forest Products provides the variety of decking materials and accessories that help turn otherwise simple outdoor spaces into unforgettable examples of outdoor living, no matter how you define it.

Building Materials & Components

Building Materials and Components

What you build is only as good as the materials you use. So, ensuring you’ve got the absolute best quality isn’t just a detail; it’s the cornerstone of any project. At Universal Forest Products, we take our role as the leading supplier of building materials and components seriously. That’s why we ensure that all the building products we offer— lumber, engineered wood and siding trim and moulding—adhere to the absolute highest standards in the industry: yours.

Packaging & Industrial Materials

Packaging and Industrial Lumber

Considering the nature of global shipping and modern-day manufacturing, it’s no surprise the need for reliable materials in both categories is growing. And, to address the need, so is Universal Forest Products. Through a number of reliable, cost-effective shipping solutions, like packaging and supplies, crates, boxes, containers, and custom pallets and skids, UFP is meeting the increasing needs of our customers. Helping you safeguard your products and ultimately, your profits. Universal Forest Products' lumber and components are no different. Delivering exceptional quality in cut and grooved lumber, cut OSB and plywood, and bed frames and components for a number of national and international manufacturers.

Concrete Forming

Concrete Forming Products
Helping you take form, pour after pour.™ More than a tagline, that's a promise of performance, a declaration of dedication. A leader in the industry, Universal Concrete Forming Products delivers all of your concrete forming product needs. Universal’s wide variety of concrete forming products, like beam sides and edge forms, form boards and pre-cast panel forms, I-joist forming beams, form panels, dimensional lumber, plated trusses, as well as our EZ Form® load transfer system, are the best choices for virtually any commercial or industrial application. Once poured, patented UltraCure™ brand wet curing blankets ensure proper cement hydration, thereby reducing discoloration and producing highly wear-resistant concrete floors. Protection is also key, and our patent-pending EZ Cover® protective covering helps shield colored or gray slabs or other flooring material during the construction process. Universal also furnishes OSHA-stamped scaffold planks made from engineered wood LVL or solid-sawn dimensional lumber, which can be branded with your company logo. To satisfy all your concrete forming needs, Universal has teamed up with Gates Custom Forming Systems to provide solutions for a wide variety of concrete forming projects in commercial applications, from column forms to wall forms. All of which goes to show how Universal delivers all the wood-based concrete forming products you need to get your project done right, pour after pour, job after job. Need concrete formwork designed and engineered? Look to UFP’s engineering department to deliver innovative solutions.


Agricultural Packaging Containers

The needs of the agricultural market are as diverse as the items Universal Forest Products manufactures and our brands carry. And because those needs are always growing, so is our line of agricultural products, from products as simple as wooden stakes to those as expansive as our agricultural fencing. From our Pack’nRack packaging and display components for growers to Uncle Ethan’s™ premium wood animal bedding used in animal husbandry, all of our products are best in class and, quite literally, the finest in the field.


Inside the Home

Inside the Home

From products that make a home to those that make homes better, Universal Forest Products in-home brands are committed to doing what’s best for both you and the environment. Enerflex® Radiant Barrier works with existing insulation to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, while Universal Forest Products' all-wood brand, Rocky Mountain Pellet Company, Inc.® utilizes 100% all-wood fiber, either recycled or reclaimed. Plus, they’re made without additives. Which means they’re not just greener, but they burn cleaner, too.

The companies of Universal Forest Products
combine to create the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood-alternative products to three markets: retail, construction and industrial.